Add-on products for the Valve Index Frunk

Tools for your VR headset

Your VR headset is an amazing piece of equipment. We help to add even more functionality.

Mounting plate for the Valve Index

Designed to hold in place during the most vigorous gameplay, this mounting plate not only holds the RI Blink and the RI Researcher, it also gives you a template for any future designs you create.

Unobstructed sensors

RI products are designed with minimal occlusion of optical sensors. Your add-ons should not impact your game performance.


The add-ons for your headset are hackable and modable. We offer the designs for future extensibility and are fully equiped to make custom sensors and sensor arrays for your research project.

Lower your development time

Users who are creating for the VR industry understand the value of speed in design. The next big thing is just around the corner. We are selling products so that innovators in the VR space can start today.

Are you ready to purchase add-ons for your Valve Index?

Ready For Production

The RI Blink and RI Researcher are created and ready to be manufactured. We are collecting pre-orders to drive down costs for all Index owners and will deliver on a similar timeframe as the Index pre-orders.

Easy-to-understand Design

You should be able to modify the hardware you buy. The RI Blink and RI Researcher include easy to understand hardware and firmware. Programmable with either C++, Arduino or CircuitPython, the Blink and Researcher boards are created for modification and innovation. All hardware is open source.